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Games, activities, and other fun and educational tools. Learning about ancient life should be fun.

The dinosaur version of the classic memory game. Match dinosaur pairs to win. Learn to Recognize Dinosaur Shapes And Sizes.

Match dinosaurs with their shadows. Learn the names of a few of the most popular dinosaurs. This is a great game for Junior Dinosaur Explorers.

Make and name your own dinosaur species. This dinosaur games lets you change the way your dinosaur looks.

Review and memorize all the dinosaurs, or create a customized list of terrible lizards to study. This is a great tool for teachers, parents, and most of all, for kids.

Want to learn about dinosaur types and how they are classified? This engaging game captures children’s attention, while reinforcing dino concepts.

A great way to learn and review dinosaur names. This challenging version of the classic hangman game will stretch you dinosaur knowledge.

Learn about dinosaurs while mutating how they looked. You can mutate a dinosaur to create a new one.

Paint and print out a dinosaur masterpiece with our Dinosaur Painter.

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An early sauropod living in the Mid-Jurassic Period, Shunosaurus is believed to have been the ancestor to dozens of later sauropods. Shunosaurus is well known from over 20 fossil specimens, including several skulls. It is unusual to find so many skulls from a single type of sauropod. This large animal...