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Vote For Your Favorite Dinosaur. The Most Popular Dinosaurs Are Displayed On The Right Side of Each Page.
How Do I Vote?

  1. Select the types of dinosaurs you want to vote for, from the list on the left side of the voting tool below.
  2. After clicking on a dinosaur type, you will see the first three dinosaurs of that type. To view more dinosaurs use the up and down buttons.
  3. When you find a dinosaur you want to vote for, click on the "Vote For This Dino" button in the upper right corner of the screen.
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About Riojasaurus
The Dinosaur Riojasaurus lived around 220 million years ago. For its time, Riojasaurus was truly a massive beast.
Riojasaurus was probably not directly related to the later Sauropod giants which were even larger, and which lived during the Jurassic Period.

Riojasaurus used its flattened teeth to cut and grind plants, effectively turning its food into a wet pulp.

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