About Anchisaurus

Anchisaurus was originally discovered in 1818, many decades before the dinosaurs were officially recognized. At that time, scientists believed that the skeleton was that of an early human. This dog-sized animal probably hopped along slowly, similar to a kangaroo, as it foraged around looking for plant life.
What is this dinosaur’s name?
How do I pronounce Anchisaurus?
What does the name Anchisaurus mean?
Close Reptile
How long was Anchisaurus?
8.00 feet 2.50 meters
How heavy was Anchisaurus?
77.00 pounds 35.00 kilograms
What dinosaur class was Anchisaurus assigned to?
What did Anchisaurus eat?
How many years ago did Anchisaurus live?
195,000,000 Years Ago
In what period did Anchisaurus live?
Early Jurassic
Where did Anchisaurus live?
North America
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Anchisaurus's Time

Years Ago

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Anchisaurus's size

0 kg
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