About Herrerasaurus

Herrerasaurus is one of the best known early dinosaurs. This ferocious predator was named after the farmer who discovered it, Victorino Herrera, in Argentina. It is believed that Herrerasaurus was one of the earliest dinosaurs. Its body shape suggests that this dinosaur was a very fast hunter, and that it could turn quickly from side to side.
What is this dinosaur’s name?
How do I pronounce Herrerasaurus?
What does the name Herrerasaurus mean?
Herrera's Reptile
How long was Herrerasaurus?
10.00 feet 3.00 meters
How heavy was Herrerasaurus?
154.00 pounds 70.00 kilograms
What dinosaur class was Herrerasaurus assigned to?
What did Herrerasaurus eat?
Smaller animals
How many years ago did Herrerasaurus live?
220,000,000 Years Ago
In what period did Herrerasaurus live?
Middle to Late Triassic
Where did Herrerasaurus live?
North America, South America
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Herrerasaurus's Time

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Herrerasaurus's size

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