About Leaellynasaura

A small member of the Ornithopoda group, Leaellynasaura is most notable for its large eyes and large brain. Why were this dinosaur's eyes so large? Scientists have developed a couple of possible theories. Firstly, many believe that it lived deep within thick dark forests where little light could reach the ground. Another theory is that Leaellynasaura would have needed large eyes to see during the long dark winters that were a part of everyday life in Australia at that time. The name Leaellynasaura was given in honor of the daughter of Patricia Rich and Thomas Rich, its discoverer.
What is this dinosaur’s name?
How do I pronounce Leaellynasaura?
What does the name Leaellynasaura mean?
Leaellyn's Lizard
How long was Leaellynasaura?
10.00 feet 3.00 meters
How heavy was Leaellynasaura?
25.00 pounds 10.00 kilograms
What dinosaur class was Leaellynasaura assigned to?
What did Leaellynasaura eat?
How many years ago did Leaellynasaura live?
110,000,000 Years Ago
In what period did Leaellynasaura live?
Where did Leaellynasaura live?
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Leaellynasaura's Time

Years Ago

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Leaellynasaura's size

0 kg
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