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The dinosaur version of the classic memory game. Match dinosaur pairs to win. Learn to Recognize Dinosaur Shapes And Sizes.

Match dinosaur images with their name and facts. Learn the names of the most popular dinosaurs. Click on the facts to hear them read aloud to you.

Build dinosaurs from the dinosaur body parts. This dinosaur game helps you learn the body types of the most popular dinosaurs.

Learn all the dinosaur names, images, and facts. This is a great tool for teachers, parents, and most of all, for kids!

Want to learn about dinosaur types and how they are classified? This engaging game captures children’s attention, while reinforcing dino concepts.

A great way to learn and review dinosaur names. This challenging version of the classic hangman game will stretch you dinosaur knowledge.

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Like modern flying lizards, Icarosaurus could not really fly, it could, however, glide great distances. Icarosaurus had thin, wing-like membranes supported by thin bones that were actually detached from the rest of the animals skeleton. Icarosaurus probably ate insects and other small animals.